Elaine Lóre ART

World is full of colors. Just go ahead, grasp them and start putting them together! 

Elaine Lóre

When the sun goes down and surrounding streets are shrouded in darkness, it is my time,  I come to life!

In the rhythm of music I mix colors on the palette and let my hand work. My head is off, I am fully immersed in my inner self. To that part of me that only my canvases know.

I discovered my love for colors already in my primary school years but would deny it for many years. However, when the day  reality stopped being an obstacle, I was step by step getting more and more keen on abstract art.

Today the biggest focus of my work is painting my worlds inspired by the real ones. The thing is my world is full of colors and fantasy with absolutely no boundaries. As is the world of  art!

All paintings on sale you may find on the menu under "Canvases for sale" In case you are interested in one of my paintings please contact me via form below or email: ellliesa@gmail.com 

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